Drink Sour Mash

by Bizarre Lizard

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released November 10, 2013

Thanks to : Sugar Mamma, Estelle for driving O.V. to the rehearsals, Caro, Ophélie (both human & weed), Naythan Saytan, Jacques Danielle, Théo & Luke,Stallone, 5-MeO-DMT, Nick, Vincent Lechat Vincent Paslechat, Among Dead Dogs, DMT, Léa, LSD, Wayne B.Rost, Nicolas Brzymyszkiewcz, THC, Chéché, Néri, Mc Troops, Perrine, Jollyrogers, Herbie Hancock, CH3CH2OH, Lundi Galileo, my roommates, and all
the dirty people in the dirty south of france who support us!!! Fuck it. Drink Sour Mash.



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Bizarre Lizard Toulon, France

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Track Name: Bizarre Lizard
Deep flashes in the eye swirm like gloomy lights
Strange way for a guide.
Cells burning in my arms, lines moves, getting warm
Shape of the lizard coming.
We're something we hate.
Meet us back there to the end bizarre lizards.
Track Name: Ophelie
I feel like I have never fucking hated
Ophelie, like I have never fucking hated.

Fuck you,
You don't know shit
No time for peace you're insane
Free them all, weed growers
Fuck your world, fuck your laws
Muddy was too nice with you
We should burn you man
Cause you started the war
I want you to shut up now.
Track Name: Ode to Evil
Save the world, cause I don't care
Save it, cause I don't give a damn

Vision of dead inside
Can't have you by my side
Won't see me when I die
Let it all go through you.

It's pure evil, they will say
But don't listen, it's part of my life
It's pure evil, they will say
But don't listen, it's part of my love
Track Name: The Abominable Manfrog
Never talk to a magpie, it'll spit acid in your eye
Never talk to a moonfish cause it will let you down
Said the abominable manfrog.
Track Name: Drink Sour Mash
Bad breakfast I had
Walking down on memories
Acid floatong in veins
Red eyes on a smoke
No more whiskey, there's no more whiskey.

Drink Sour Mash!
All the lights are white and burn in my soul
Nevermind I'll wake up in the neighborhood

See How I'm baked, see I don't care